3 Essentials on the Phone

  Heard of Click to Chat? Phone calls are becoming more and more relevant in this digital age of selling cars. Consumers research vehicle options online and then hit the call button on their smart buttons to ask targeted questions. It has never been more critical to have […]

Building Rapport Basics Video

You build rapport when you develop mutual trust, friendship and affinity with someone. Building rapport can be incredibly beneficial to your career – it helps you to establish good interpersonal relationships, and this can open many doors for you. In this short video, I am in Nashville Tennessee […]

Are Test Drives Facing Extinction?

Over the last decade, car dealers have greatly invested in internet marketing to try and “figure it out”.  However it seems few have found a winning recipe and a majority of dealers are still searching for the secret sauce.  The “chatter”  linking what the customer wants to buy […]

Sales Producers

We are certainly in the people business and many times managing our own team members is more difficult than our customer base.  There are certain “people” characteristics which indicate better potential for success when evaluating a potential new hire or even a long-term employee. Sales team members, whether […]


Through the years, I have listened to many leaders in our business offer hasty solutions and ideas to improve their operation and to stay competitive.  Often these ideas are poorly constructed.  However, once in a very-great while I will hear someone articulate a new outlook or perception to […]


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Michael Saxe – Frazer Motors

“Invaluable information!  Took away a ton of ideas that will help improve our sales process.  Would recommend to new and veteran sales people alike.”

Alex Henkle – True Blue Autos

“Such a great class.  Justin makes it fun to learn — I wish I had his brain!  I’m very excited to implement all the items I learned from him, and look forward to taking more of his courses.”