NIADA 20 Groups

The POWER of 20

NIADA uses several factors to determine which 20 Group is the best fit for you and your operation.  A few examples of these factors include geographic location, sales and service volume, experience and long term goals.  Click below to find out which 20 Group would be the best fit for you.


We Know How to Make Meetings Productive for Dealers

The Retail-Dealer Twenty Group program is our flagship offering and has helped thousands of dealer-owners and/or executive managers run more profitable operations. Each year we conduct twenty group meetings all across North America and Canada. Whether it is one of our independent dealer or manager groups, we have a Twenty Group to fit your needs. Our Twenty Groups are considered the “graduate school” of automotive management.

A Twenty Group will help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably. Dealers have used Twenty Groups to build their businesses for more than 50 years. On a regular basis and under the direction of Justin, your Twenty Group will meet to exchange ideas, identify best practices and discover opportunities and challenges facing your dealership.

Retail Dealers

Trust the Power of 20

“It’s not about what I know… it’s about what your 20 Group knows… your ‘board of directors’ if you will… when 20 like minded operators get in a room together and close the door… magic happens.”

Richard Meador

Richard Meador

Oxford Truck and Car / Oxford, NC

20 Groups offer a forum to get together and work on your business.  Meeting with other operators who are strong in areas I am weak and areas I can offer my experience where I am strong and they are weak is priceless.

Dare Saul

Dare Saul

D3 Auto Sales | DesArc, Arkansas

I have literally taken ideas out of my 20 Group that will put my children through college.  Things I may have never known, or spent thousands and thousands of dollars learning the hard way – I was able to avoid many expensive lessons by those in my 20 Group.

Jim Long

Jim Long

Long's Auto | St. Paul, Minnesota

My 20 Group offers one place where I can get honest feedback on my operation, and also see honest comparables, my 20 Group members show me their numbers and it let’s me know if I am doing great or need to improve.

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