As all car dealers continue to improve at the online customer experience, a few tips on landing pages might help improve the advertising dollars invested in.  First, I will say in my experience, some dealers are much better than others at tracking and measuring performance results of ad campaigns.  If you are spending ad money and do not have evidence of how many cars you are selling from those dollars (outside of branding ads) then this could be an area that demands delegation and attention.

When marketing online, dealers will offer discounts in sales and service.  It is most likely the buyer will find your ad on either their computer or smart phone and as everyday passes, most likely their smart phone.  When an advertisement is published online, many dealers are linking that ad back to the homepage of their website.  Think about this.  You get an ad on your smart phone for a $19.00 oil change and you click on it and you are now at the dealership home page.  What will the buyer do now?  Many users will hit the “back button”.  The home page is often littered with inventory, service, finance options and all kinds of videos and content.  Not only inventory, but old inventory, new inventory, special inventory, have to get rid of today – inventory.  But that is another article for another day. The buyer is frustrated because all they wanted was more information on that oil change.

As I will continue to say, the car buyer of the future wants a simple and accommodating experience.  Linking that ad to a landing page will improve the user experience and at the least, increase your odds of selling the discounted oil change.  A landing page is simply a unique page that you create that is under the umbrella of your website that has a specific purpose.  In this case it could lay out the terms of the oil change, have

Smart Phone Landing Page

relevant pictures, tell the user how to claim the oil change, when the promotion expires and more.  What the landing page also assists with is conversion rates.  You now can track how many people clicked on the ad, how many people then landed on the promotional landing page and how many converted.  This will provide ease of measuring the investment of the ad verse the revenue it generated.

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