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Retail 20 Group New Orleans, Feb 2018

Retail 20 R4 Group Nashville, May 2018

Sales Essentials Sarasota, May 2018

Why Justin

Hi, my name is Justin, 20 Group moderator for NIADA.  If you are in the car business, you are in the right place.  If you’re into sales and digital marketing, that helps too…

If you are looking for help in operations, sales, marketing and/or company culture then grab these free tools to get started!




The Dealer Twenty Group program is NIADA’s flagship offering and has helped thousands of dealer-owners run their operations more profitably. Each year we conduct twenty group meetings all […]


ON–SITE CONSULTING SERVICES Justin M. Osburn provides consulting services and guidance for dealers just like you. Our training leaders are able to review your operation and provide an […]